Bipolar Disorder: 7 Deadly Sins (What Not to Say)

I’m thrilled to share our very first story today. Written by @debecca it provides an insight into the day-to-day realities of being bi-polar while dealing with societal prejudice and people’s misconceptions about the disorder.

The Joy of Bex

1. “Bipolar Disorder – is that like being up or down all the time?”

No, Ronan Keating, Bipolar Disorder is not like being on a rollercoaster.  Speaking for myself, I have long periods of time where I am WELL.  I’m not up, and I’m not down.  I am just like most human beings on the planet, living every day as it comes and managing to function to boot.  Yes, I can be up sometimes (manic), and I can be down sometimes (depressed) but very often, I am neither, or I can be BOTH.  Yes, both.  That’s about as much fun as it sounds; I’m depressed as hell and life seems totally futile, yet I’m irritable and impatient and want things to change RIGHT NOW.  A “mixed state”, as it’s known, can be the most dangerous states for people with Bipolar Disorder, for obvious reasons.

2.  “So are you some kind of…

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